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Extra, Extra, read all about it – Australian tea company changes hands……

In the headlines today is a great story of an Australian business continuing to go on. After growing a company from the ground up for almost nine years, owner Kristie Deen announced that Brackendale Tea Co. has been sold.

Mrs Deen made the announcement via Facebook and Instagram on Saturday 2nd March saying she “had loved every minute of growing the business. Every description, every tea blend has come through my hands” she said. “All the orders have personally been packed by me”. She went on to say that “I am very excited to say that the new owner is exactly the same. Very committed to tea and customer service”.

Just seconds into her address Mrs Deen announced that the new owner was Mrs Anthea Brockbank from South Australia. In introducing Mrs Brockbank, Mrs Deen said “Anthea brings a lot of experience to the table as she is well connected in the Wellness Industry and that she is obsessed with all things food and tea.” Mrs Deen went on to say that “Mrs Brockbank, like me, is committed to making sure you get good customer service, high quality products and will continue to make sure that luxury tea can be part of our daily life”.

Mrs Deen thanked all of the customers of the Brackendale Tea Co over the years. Thanking them for their support, she said she had “loved being a part of this community”.

In an interview, the new owner Mrs Anthea Brockbank said she “was thrilled to be taking over Mrs Deen’s legacy and indeed did promise to continue with the high same quality teas and good old fashion customer service.” She said that “it has been an amazing 6 weeks since I first read of the company being sold in a facebook post by friend and blogger, Jo Whitton of Quirky Cooking.” Mrs Brockbank contacted Mrs Whitton and asked if she would introduce her to Mrs Deen. “And the rest, as they say, is history” she said with a smile.

Mrs Brockbank said that she knew she had “big shoes to fill” and that Brackendale Tea Co was again open after just over a week’s turn around. She said that the website had had a makeover and she invited everyone to take advantage of a 20% off launch sale from the 12th to the 19th March using the promo code LAUNCH20.

Mrs Brockbank said she and her family were looking to celebrate the launch of the business with a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party in the near future and that she hoped that any customers, friends and family who lived in South Australia might join in with the celebration.

Looking towards the future, Mrs Brockbank said she was “looking to introduce three new blends of tea over the next few months or so and to stocking the shop with more beautiful teapots and cosies”. She also said she was “sourcing some stylish cups and saucers to make up some fabulous packs in time for Mother’s Day on Sunday May 12th.

So there you have it – another success story for a small Australian business. I do hope you will continue to support it.

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