Our Teas

I have always loved drinking tea.  I remember there was regularly a pot of tea steeping on the kitchen table at the farm. It was the go-to drink when guests came over, too.  I'm the daughter of a dairy farmer and grew up on a farm in the South East of South Australia.  The early morning cuppa was as reliable as the clock before the milking began. Back then it was Amorie loose leaf tea. Morning Teatime and Afternoon Teatime were always also like clockwork with the family around the kitchen table, served with ANZAC Biscuits, Andrew’s Favourite Slice or a cake of some sort – all homemade of course. 

Travelling the world as a 21-year old took me to India and I was fascinated to see the Tea Plantations at the foothills of the Himalayas.  The morning cuppa with the workers on the Orphanage Mission, and the Chai Waller selling chai on the platform at Agra Station are my enduring tea memories from India.  The flavours of the spice and milk mixing with both the slight clay tang from the unglazed rudimentary cup and the sights and sounds of India – if I close my eyes I am transported right back there!  Delicious!

Then there were dear old friends of Alex's family, delightful "Uncle" Dave and his beautiful wife "Aunty" Bubbles from Zimbabwe who taught us how to brew the perfect cup of tea!   Fresh water, boiled only once, tea pot heated before use, tea steeped for just the right amount of time!

Tea engenders such good feelings, and brings back so many memories of love and connection.  It has done for centuries. People in every part of our wonderful world delight in steeping a hot drink of something good. Unfortunately, these days there are also aspects of loose leaf tea that can quite literally leave a bad taste in your mouth. These include artificial flavouring, poor quality plants, "greedy" harvesting (not waiting until the plant is ready) and of course the poor treatment of the people that work in some plantations.

Here at Brackendale Tea Co we pride ourselves on stocking premium, luxury loose leaf tea that literally, and figuratively, won't leave a bad taste in your mouth. Our teas are only flavoured with natural flavours. If any additional flavour is added, this is achieved by rolling the leaves in a natural oil, not by adding artificial flavoured crystals, as with some teas. Our teas are harvested at the peak picking times only.  This means the tea naturally has its best possible flavour. Most importantly, we won't stock a tea unless we're sure of its source and the working conditions of the plantation workers.

So now you can feel good about drinking great Tea.  


We invite you to come on in and peruse our range!!

Big love,