Happy Tea Bags

Now let's admit it.  Tea  in teabags (even the luxury tea) is nowhere near as visually appealing as its loose leaf tea cousin. It's as though they are hidden beauties in an ugly coat! The ugly fact is, that coat is very commonly a toxic coat. The actual bag contains many toxic chemicals (ever heard of formaldehyde, folks?!).  In addition to this, many tea companies add copper colouring to the tea and use the poorer, cheaper quality teas as it's "hidden" inside the bag.  Enter into the Brackendale Tea arena - HAPPY tea bags.

They're HAPPY tea bags as they are non bleached, have no nasty chemicals and are 100% biodegradable. And even better, they contain the same Quality Tea as our loose leaf, though in this case it's just been cut finer and popped into the teabag. So they're happy, we're happy and I'm sure you'll be happy, too :-).

These are a great option for work, travel, keeping in your bag or even at a café!  If I want the atmosphere of a lovely cafe, or I'm meeting someone, I order my tea with the teabag on the side (so I'm not asking for free hot water!).  Then I just ditch their teabag and use my own :-).  

Can't wait to hear what you think!  Happy Teabags may not be as pretty as the loose leaf tea, but sometimes they are just practical, and it's what's on the inside that counts!   How many ways could you use them?