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Tea of the Month Subscription Box


Experience a journey into the world of Tea!


$48.95 incl. postage

Valued at $70!

Includes teas exclusive to the Subscription Box


* Three different teas/tisanes in a monthly theme, includes teas which are exclusive to the Subscription Box

(total weight varies depending on the type of tea/tisane and will be between 75g - 150g for the 3 teas combined)

* Three 4-cup samples to gift and share the teas of the month

* Tasting notes, brewing instructions and information about the teas

* An extra gift (eg. a tea tool, something to help you enjoy your tea journey or an extra tea in the theme, etc).

* A teaser for the following month's selection

* All presented in our classic Brackendale Tea Box delivered to your door each month for you to enjoy at your leisure.  Price includes regular parcel post through Australia Post.


As Tea Sommeliers we believe a cup of tea is so much more than just a tea bag in a cup or a spoonful of leaves in a pot. Each month we curate an experience that is a journey into the different worlds of Tea. It's a box of beautiful Brackendale Tea, some of which are not even available on our website for public purchase.


The teas are chosen in line with a monthly theme, and hand packed. No mass production here! The box not only includes the three teas in the "Tea of the Month" theme, but also little “extras”. There may be a tea tool here and there, there will definitely be tasting notes, information on the teas and the all important brewing instructions! We know that a good cup of tea is all about the “brewing”!  There will also be samples to give away or share because we also know Tea Lovers find it hard to share their stash!!  Some months there may be an extra tea in lieu of a tea tool.


We put all this (together with a bit of love) in a box just for our subscribers. Ultimately, we want to provide a tea tasting journey that brings the indulgence of sacred moments each day of the month over a wonderful cup of tea. ​​​​​​


Here's what some of our subscribers have said about the boxes -

* I'm thoroughly enjoying my tea subscription experience. I've tried teas that I wouldn't have otherwise and I really enjoy the education that comes with it.

* The box is absolutely gorgeous, so much so that I decided to keep subscribing as this will make a gorgeous gift.

* It is beautiful, so luxuriously packed with so much to discover inside.

* The little share packs have proved very popular with my tea drinking friends at work. I may be converting them ;)

Happy sipping,

Alex & Anthea


Payment details:- The subscription the price is $48.95 per month (including postage) for as long as you remain a member in good standing. You may unsubscribe at any time.  However, once unsubscribed, you will not be able to resubscribe until the doors open again on the next subscription box, and the price is likely to be higher. Your first box is due to ship on the 1st business day of the month after payment is received.  Australian customers only.

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