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The Handy Brew follows the direct immersion method of brewing, which captures all the flavour, aroma and volatile oils of our blends. The "shut off" valve system only dispenses the tea when the HandyBrew is placed on top of a cup (not included). Lift it off and it stops pouring. It allows the blend to open up and "freely swim" while steeping which is a better option than an enclosed infuser. Another advantage is the option of re-steeping, absolutely perfect for Green Teas, Rooibos and any other infusions that will take more than one brew. The HandyBrew is made of durable plastic, and is BPA-free. The fine mesh sieves even the finest cut.  Very easy to clean; simply empty the leaves / herbs into the compost bin and swill with fresh water. Hand washing is recommended.

HandyBrew Tea Maker

  • We're so happy to be able to offer this steeping option - it truly is awesome and is the perfect size for one cup serving size (250ml). Also great for re-steeping if required.

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