She sits on my dashboard, her never-ending undulating hips whisking me to a place of sandy toes, warm evenings and tropical fruit. Hmmm - how can we create this experience in a cup of tea? Strawberries and Papaya sound like a good start, right?!
Hula Dancing Doll takes flavoury summer-sweet Strawberry, Papaya pieces and an exceptionally smooth green tea. The Hunan Province is where this green tea starts its life. The leaves are steamed as soon as they are plucked, then bruised by machine or hand. Then they are pan or basket fried, which gives the leaves a glossy look and feel. This manufacturing process also gives this particular sencha a light and sweetish flavour - the prefect partner for strawberry and papaya.

Organic Hula Dancing Doll

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  • Green tea*, Papaya* + Strawberry pieces*, Natural flavors (organic compliant). * Certified Organic