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She sits on my dashboard, her never-ending undulating hips whisking me to a place of sandy toes, warm evenings and tropical fruit. Hmmm - how can we create this experience in a cup of tea?  Strawberries and Papaya sound like a good start, right?! 


Hula Dancing Doll brings together flavoury summer-sweet organic Strawberries, Papaya pieces and an exceptionally smooth organic Green tea.


Green tea forgoes the fermentation process required to produce black tea. The leaf is steamed after plucking, then bruised either by machine or by hand. After that it's pan or basket fired, leaving it with a distinctive glossy look and light sweetish flavour - an almost perfect match for the strawberry in terms of character profile.  Blended together, this combination of strawberry flavouring and green tea produces a cup that is light and fresh, tempered with delicate notes of juicy sweet strawberry. (The juiciness has been further enhanced by the addition of dried papaya pieces.)


Brew yourself a pot today and dream of hula dancing on the golden shores of Hawaii.

Hula Dancing Doll

  • Very refreshing and reflective. Lush ripe strawberry notes fill the cup leading to an astringent finish.

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