We don't mean to create mass hysteria but yes, this is your favourite blend! Cream Earl Grey in a completely non-toxic teabag!  Now, we know that teabags are not as sexy as their loose leaf cousin but their practicality and ease of use make them a firm family favourite.

Cream Earl Grey HAPPY teabags

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  • Feel free to continue to order the Cream Earl Grey teabags, they are on their way! We will fill the order once they arrive.

  • Are you one of the millions who refuse to drink teabags due to:

    *The terrible quality of the tea enclosed (ever wondered where scraping the bottom of the barrel comes from?!)

    *The added colouring to give poor quality tea the copper look we like to see

    *The toxic ingredients in the actual bag - like formaldehyde?!!

    *The toxic glues used to bind the bags

    *The very environmentally unfriendly "silk" bags that are not biodegradable


    For all these reasons and more, these teabags were trialled as part of the range. After a 3 month trial run with several "tasters" - they passed all the tests and are now officially part of our TEA family.


    They're HAPPY tea bags as they are non bleached, have no nasty chemicals added and are 100% biodegradable bags.  They contain the same quality tea as our loose leaf - it's just been cut much finer and popped into the teabag.


    These are a great option for work, in your bag, or even at a cafe (order a tea with the teabag on the side and keep the cafe owner happy too!).  Then just ditch their teabag and use your own!

    Our HAPPY teabags are available exclusively in our Brackendale Tea Tins - then you can reorder a refill bag!