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 Tea Cosies

If there's anything that gets close to being as important as the quality of the luxury loose leaf tea - it's the teapot. The teapot is held very close to the heart of the tea drinker.  Why? It is the very vessel where the magic happens...where water and leaves dance their dance!  It literally contains the divine tea that can actually have mood changing powers, bring happiness, peace and joy to humankind.  Well, the tea drinkers anyway. :-)

For this reason we are very fussy about our teapots. They must be visually appealing and  well functioning (we've all experienced that terrible occurrence of the loveliest looking teapot leaking through the lid or having a terrible "pour".  Perhaps I sound a little melodramatic. Well, tell that to my trusty stainless teapot that has been my daily companion and which was originally my mother's daily companion. 

Please be patient as we seek to update our range and hopefully one day soon you'll be able to find your own perfect tea companion!  In the meantime, here are some tea cosies for you to peruse and consider if you have your teapot already.  :-) 

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

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