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Pizza. Spaghetti. Olive oil. Espresso. These are the foods we normally associate with Italy and Italian cuisine. But did you know that Italy consumes more pears than any other European nation? Or that Italy is the world's second largest grower of pears after China? It's true. Italians have been enjoying pears since the days of ancient Rome. The fruit holds a special place in their hearts not only because of their delicious flavour on their own but because they are wonderful to cook with and pair with other foods. Nowhere is this truer than in the breathtakingly beautiful villages of Tuscany. Tuscan chefs have created many recipes over the years, and routinely whip up such delicacies as pears poached in white wine, sliced pears with fresh Parmesan cheese or spicy pear pastries.

The slightly tart, highly adaptable flavour of Italian pears is perfectly complimented by their high nutrient content. The fruit is high in fiber, vitamin c, potassium and folic acid. In the spirit of adaptability the tea masters decided to try something new and matched the sweet profile of pear with the mellow character of a South African Rooibos. We believe that what they have created evokes the feeling of a relaxing afternoon under the Tuscan sun - perhaps sitting under a pear tree - delizioso!

Tuscany Pear

  • Sweet ripe pear notes marry well with premium rooibos. Memories of lazing in the Tuscan sun.

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