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As Tea Sommeliers we believe a cup of tea is so much more than just a tea bag in a cup or a spoonful of leaves in a pot and 2023 marks our 4th year of curating an experience that is a journey into the different worlds of Tea each month.


Imagine a box of tea arriving on your doorstep every month! You have no idea what inside, but we promise it will delight your senses!


The teas are chosen in line with a monthly theme, hand packed, no mass production here!


What’s included:-

x 3 teas/tisanes in the "Tea of the Month" theme - each tea is packaged in our black zip packets for the ultimate tea sensory experience and offers 8-10 cups (that’s approx a cup a day of luxury loose leaf teas/tisanes)


Tea tasting notes - there will always be tasting notes about the teas, as we want to educate folk on the how, why and what of tea! These notes including the all-important brewing instructions as we all know that a good cup of tea is in the “brewing”!


A complimentary tea tool gift - included is a tea tool here and there to enhance your experience.  Some months there may be an extra bag of tea in lieu of a tea tool or just because they are too good not to include!


Gift & Share Packs - We know that Tea Lovers find it hard to share their stash, so we include share packs!


So, join us on a monthly joy filled tea journey as we introduce you to the wonders of Camellia sinensis and help you to discover the incredible world of teas and tisanes.


Our monthly themes are



Oolong  With the fragrance of Green tea and the smoothness of Black tea, Oolong is full-bodied, sweet, and reminiscent of milk or light, sweet cream with stone fruits like apricots and peaches. On the other hand, it can have a baked flavour, more reminiscent of a Black tea.



Iced Teas Summer is here!! For some of us, indulging in a hot cup of tea in the heat is great - it raises the body’s temperature and makes it feel cooler around us but, let’s be honest, sometimes we just want something cold to drink. If this is you, an Iced Tea is the way to go!



Flavoured Black Why are our flavoured blacks so good – 3 reasons – 1st we start with the best quality high-grown Black tea from Sri Lanka. 2nd, we use organic compliant flavouring oils, instead of using flavour crystals, and 3rd, we specify natural flavours. High quality tea tastes good on its own and our natural flavours do not mask the beautiful natural taste of the Ceylon tea.



Rooibos Having a South African making up half of the ownership of Brackendale Tea Co. meant, of course, that we had to include Rooibos (pronounced ROY-BOS) as one of our boxes and to be honest – if you want a caffeine free treat – Rooibos is the way to go!



UK Breakfast What is a Breakfast tea?  and what constitutes it being named “English Breakfast”, “Scottish Breakfast” or “Irish Breakfast”?  These names all sound very grand, however, we spill the secrets on this!




Blooming Teas Tight bundles of Green, Oolong or White tea leaves or buds, skilfully hand-woven around dried flowers. When steeped in hot water the tea leaves unfurl and the flower/s “blooms”.  These truly are the most exquisite teas.



Pu-erh Produced for centuries, Pu-erh remains one of the tea world’s more exotic offerings.  It offers rich earthy notes prized by collectors the world over.  Rich and exotic Pu-erh is like nothing else.



Chai As winter hits Australia we can’t think of any better tea to share this month than the delicious and spicy Chai!



Black This month brings three Black teas.  One from Kenya, one from China and one from India.  Enjoy discovering the difference between them. 



White considered by some, to be the purest in the world White tea is subtle and delicious



Tisanes leaving behind the world of Camelia sinensis we venture forth into the world of the Herbal Teas, Herbal Infusions, Fruit Teas, or whatever you want to call them, as they go by many names, but the correct term for them drinks is “Tisanes”. 



Green There does seems to be a line when it comes to Green tea - either you love it, or you hate it! In this box our main aim is to educate and in doing so, open the marvellous world of loving Green tea!




Place your order before the 15th of the month to receive the next month’s box. For example, order by 15th Feb and your first box will be the March box.


All orders will be posted in the first week of each month.


All PICKUP orders will be ready for collection in the first week of each month.


You can buy the boxes monthly but if you prefer not to miss a box - contact us for details on how to automatically pay and receive the subscription monthly.  The price is $56.15  per month ($45.25 + $10.90 postage) for as long as you remained a member in good standing.


Boxes are shipped during the 1st week of the month after payment is received.

Monthly Tea Subscription Box

  • Here's what some of our subscribers say about the boxes -

    ***** I'm thoroughly enjoying my tea subscription experience. I've tried teas that I wouldn't have otherwise and I really enjoy the education that comes with it.

    ***** The box is absolutely gorgeous, so much so that I decided to keep subscribing as this will make a gorgeous gift.

    ***** It is beautiful, so luxuriously packed with so much to discover inside.

    ***** The little share packs have proved very popular with my tea drinking friends at work. I may be converting them ;)

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