Who of us cannot recall the image of Snow White with her delicate white skin, awaiting a kiss from the dashing prince, red rose clasped to her chest? What many don't know is that Snow White and Sleeping Beauty had been friends since primary school! They had both dreamed of marrying princes and once they both had their dreams come true, they would get together weekly for divine White Tea and bask in their "happily ever after-ness". Our Sleeping Beauty hand tied tea balls would surely have been their first choice. With its silver white tips, hand sewn around delicate rosebuds, it has all the wonder, purity and rare quality of our favourite fairy tale characters. Only the finest silver tips plucked from tea bushes grown at 1800m above sea leave are used in its production. The finish of this cup is reminiscent of plum blossoms.


Sleeping Beauty

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  • Green Tea, Rose Blossom