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Feeling tired and flat? Here’s a little help to restore the balance.  From the first sip the body seems to reconfigure itself along a more peaceful meridian.  With Rosehip for the tired and worn out, Anise for rejuvenating the digestive system and soothing respiratory pathways,  Raspberry for vitality, Liquorice for easing the body tensions and clearing the respiratory system.  Clove and Cardamom for a jump start, Calendula to clean and detoxify, and Safflower to enhance circulation. Round it all off with the South African wonder “tea”, Rooibos. The next time you are feeling a little out of the loop, ask for a cup of Equilibrium and your body will thank you.

Rooibos Equilibrium

  • A satisfying and deliciously balanced blend. Exotic rooibos, anise and cardamom stand out, providing a refreshing and cleansing cup.

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