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From the suave spy in the black tuxedo to the little black dress that makes a woman feel fabulous, wearing classic black is understated and classy, causing one to stand out for all the right reasons. The same can be said for this high altitude premium black tea. Over years, Borengajuli estate in the Mangaldai district of Assam has taken cuttings from the bed plants and created "mother" tea bushes. Now the entire plantation produces exemplary flavour, a bright coppery colour in the cup and an outstanding Assam tea. It's intense in colour and flavour with no frills or added flavours.  This is just an amazing tea that is vacuum sealed at the estate to ensure optimum taste. This tea is a great option for us Aussies who like a good strong cup of tea with a dash of milk.

Premium Classic Black

  • A flavoury, bright and full-bodied tea with superb malty highlights. Some term this character as jammy. A good self-drinking tea that is suitable anytime of the day.

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