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It should come as no surprise that Japan's most influential Samurai, Saigo Takamori (1828-1877), was born in Kagoshima prefecture, home of this beautiful Sencha. Why should that not be surprising? Because, both are assertive, legendary and "true". We'll explain.

According to lore, Saigo Takamori was dubbed Japan's last true Samurai. Living only until his 49th year, the famous warrior fought social oppression, exile and many battles, winning the hearts of all who followed him. Likewise, this Japan Sencha is thought by many in the tea world to be one of the truest expressions of Japanese tea, also highly capable of winning the hearts of all who drink it.

Hailing from gardens not far from Saigo's birthplace, the fields where this Sencha is grown has been shown in numerous studies to be radiation-free, untouched by the unfortunate 2011 Fukushima nuclear event. This leads us to the next truism regarding this fantastic Sencha. If you're familiar with Brackendale Tea Co, you'll know that providing the very best tea and tisanes is something we don't take lightly. In the same way the Samurai of old, valued and defended their honor, we value the safety of our customers, and will defend that position come hell, high water, or a marauding band of sword-wielding warriors. A fabulous tea, well worthy of its lineage. Enjoy.

Perfectly Placid Sencha

  • Tending light liquoring, smooth with reasonable depth and body.

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