Sencha from the Zheijiang Province - no bells or whistles, just amazing quality Sencha 

Perfectly Placid Sencha

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  • Have you ever sat still with your feet in the water at a lake's edge long enough that your initial intrusion settles back into a mirrored surface? It's a beautiful, peaceful experience that is highly recommended.

    Contemplation, and slowing the cogs in one's mind may also be achieved through steeping and enjoying a wonderful tea.
    This Sencha is from the Zheijiang Province in China. Its low caffeine and high antioxidant level make it one of the most popular drinks in human history. No bells or whistles - Perfectly Placid Sencha is a high quality, great tasting Sencha.

    Bring fresh, filtered (if possible), water to the boil. Steep 1 small tsp per cup for 3 - 7 minutes. Milk and sugar are not recommended but you're the boss of this cuppa. Be careful not to over-steep for too long as the tea will become bitter. Quality green tea can be resteeped several times sa long as the steeping time is limited.  Ensure you take it out of the water then add fresh water up to 4 times.