Tea for royalty. The delicate taste of this blend brings incredible antioxidants to the party

Pai Mu Tan

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  • This is the highest grade of white tea available before one enters the stratosphere in pricing for white tea such as Peony White Needle. Pai Mu Tan leaves are plucked from a specific tea bush, and only special "two leaves and a bud" are selected. The leaves are naturally withered and dried in the sun. If any mechanical drying is required, the baking is less than 40 degrees C to endure the delicate balance is not overdone or underdone. White tea is especially potent in that it has 3 times as many polyphenol antioxidants as green and black tea. It's also been aligned to inhibiting early stages of cancer, but this is still being researched. Save the tea leaves to soak in your bath - white tea is fabulous for the skin!

    1 tsp per cup is recommended.  However, we find 1 big teaspoon is enough for our 4 cup teapot, so try using less until you find what works for you. Allow your freshly boiled water to sit for at least 1 minute prior to pouring over the tea leaves. Allow it to steep for 3 - 5 minutes. As with other blends, you can steep in the cup and "top up" up to 3 times or so by adding fresh water. Milk and sugar are not recommended but hey - it's your cup of tea!