Lavender is one of the world's most ancient and commonly used herbs. Phoenician inscriptions dating from 1000BC show the use of this sweet smelling herb, the ancient Romans were likewise very fond of it as a fragrant bath scent and it's infused as a tea right around the globe.
Modern botanical science indicates that there are at least 28 known species of Lavender. Some of these are wild and some are commercially cultivated, the plant grows from parts of Africa to China. The version we offer is a wonderfully fresh, aromatic organic variety that comes from Eastern Tibet. Small batch crafted, air and sun dried for you to enjoy.

For something decadent, steep a strong pot (a heaped tablespoon) and add to a freshly drawn bath.  Delightful!

Organic Tibetan Lavender

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  • Aromatic and sweet with a satisfying cup.