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Lavender, (Latin: Lavandula angustifolia) is one of the world's most ancient, and commonly used herbs. The first recorded use of the sweet smelling herb appeared in ancient Phoenician inscriptions dating back to 1000 BC. The ancient Romans were also very fond of the herb and used it as a fragrant bath scent in their public bathhouses. In fact, it is believed that the genus name Lavendula stems from the Latin word lavare meaning "to wash." Modern botanical science indicates that there are at least 28 known species of Lavender - some of these are wild and some are commercially cultivated - the plant grows everywhere from parts of Africa to China. The version that we offer here is a wonderfully fresh smelling organic variety - no chemicals or pesticides were used in its cultivation.  Lavender is commonly used as a culinary herb and seen as an herbal soother. You often see lavender oils used in massage therapy and it is put into bath oils and lotions. Both the petals and oils are popular in soap. Many people consider the smell of lavender to be soothing and sleep inducing.  It goes without saying that the scent of fresh Lavender is intoxicating. Open a packet and you'll see what we mean. Close your eyes, inhale the delicate aromas and enjoy the meditative qualities of this herb today. 
For something decadent, steep a strong pot (a heaped tablespoon) and add to a freshly drawn bath.  Delightful!

Organic Wild Lavender

  • Aromatic and sweet with a satisfying cup.

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