If you've been fortunate enough to visit Provence (and can say "when we were in the South of France" at the beginning of a sentence!) you may have noticed that Lavender is grown extensively. Lavender adds perfume and balance to this Organic Rooibos blend which also includes Rose petals, Elderberries, Currants and Rose Hip rounded off with natural Vanilla. These are all carried by the full bodied, reddish cup that Rooibos brings to every party it attends. Naturally caffeine-free and enriched with nutrients such as Iron, Potassium and Calcium - Rooibos is fabulous hot or cold and full of Vitamin C. Our personal favourite as an iced tea - we serve this with a slice of lemon.

The rules with brewing Rooibos are...there are no rules. Rooibos does not become bitter from over-steeping! Basically, the more you use and the longer you let it steep - the deeper the flavour. 1 tsp per cup is recommended, however we personally find 1/2 tsp is more than enough. Bring fresh, filtered (if possible) water to the boil and steep for 3 - 5 minutes - or whatever takes your fancy!  Taste it first as it's fabulous unaccompanied, but you can add lemon to taste, or sweeten and/or add milk.

Organic Provence Rooibos

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  • Rooibos, Elderberry, Rosehip pieces, Rose Petals, Lavender Petals, Natural Organic Compliant flavours