Winston Churchill, arguably the most notable British Prime Minister in history, was a noted lover of drink.  Although he is most known to have had a perchant for the strong stuff, namely whiskey, he also had an immense fondness for a cup of rich tasting English Breakfast.  Palate aside, Churchill was also notable for good one-liners.  One of his more famous quotes has to do with a nice British cuppa and is taken from a dialogue he had with Lady Nancy Astor, an American who became a member of the British Parliment.  It should be noted that the two were not friends! "Winston, if you were my husband, I'd poison your tea".  To which he replied "Nancy, if I were your husband, I'd drink it"!  Well luckily for England, Nancy didn't follow through on her threat.  Had she done so, we certainly hope that she didn't intend to taint a cup of English Breakfast as savory and pure as this Organic variety.  This is exactly the kind of tea Winston would have quaffed down by the pot-full.  Blended using certified organic teas from Sri Lanka, China and Tanzania, this tea is full bodied, astringent, with subtle touches of jammy toast.  With a little milk and a dash of sugar, this tea makes a perfect compliment to a proper English breakfast (the meal).  Here's to Winston, Nancy and England!


Organic English Breakfast

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  • A perfect breakfast tea with body and full flavour. Harkens back to the days when tea laden clipper ships raced to London.