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Black tea and oranges - what's not to love?   


The first blood oranges appeared in the sunny groves of Sicily in the South of Italy sometime during the 17th century. Legend there has it that the fruit was named after the blood spilled in the streets by local Mafioso, the casa nostra, who ruled the streets of the Italian province.


Over the centuries the fruit gained popularity throughout Italy - in fact, if you are ever in Rome and order an orange juice, chances are it will have a delicious looking, deep red hue and be made from blood oranges. The flesh of the fruit itself, as its name infers, is deep red on the inside and is much juicier than that of regular oranges.


Bite into a fresh blood orange and you'll also find that the taste is slightly sweeter than their more common counterparts. As a sweet all natural addition to our high-grown Ceylon tea, the blood orange infuses pleasing citrus notes that help round out the natural astringency of the tea.


Brew yourself a pot, pour a cup, and toast the sun-drenched coast of Sicily.


As with most of our flavoured teas, this one is superb when poured over ice. Buon Appetito!

Orange Grove

  • Intense and flavourful fresh citrus character with a delicate sweetness reminiscent of freshly squeezed oranges.

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