A delicious robust tea from the district of Assam - takes milk well.

Midnight Organic Assam

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  • Full bodied and brisk with tremendous flavour, Midnight Organic Assam has all the characteristics that make this 2nd flush (2nd harvest) Assam a great tea. Historically the Assam tea bush is a subgenus of the Camellia Sinesis. It was found growing wild in the Assam province of northeast India in 1823. Politics got in the way for a while but by 1838 the first chests of Organic Assam were shipped to London. So started the world market for tea from India, a trade that still supports millions of people in the country today. Interestingly, Mahatma Ghandi is known to have taken tea to King George in 1946 as part of the non-violent struggle for Indian independence. So feel good about drinking fabulous tea.

    Bring fresh, filtered (if possible) water to the boil. Steep this divine blend for 3-7 minutes. Do yourself a favour and try it "straight up". Milk and sugar are optional. As this is a black tea, be careful not to over-steep as it affects the taste.