Madagascar. Just saying the word out loud sounds exciting and a little mysterious. This phenomenal island off the African coast boasts amazing coastline, wildlife and a melting pot of cultures and ideologies. It’s on our “one day” list to visit.  In the meantime we can dream over a pot of ‘Madagascar Moment’.

The mysterious, dramatic combination of Vanilla and Grenadine in our “Madagascar Moment” is firstly a delightful treat aromatically. Brew a pot and you'll love the slow discovery of the flavour combination. It has a sweet taste with a touch of dryness and subtle vanilla to finish the palate.

We only use black teas grown at high elevation. This ensures amazing quality and no herbicides and pesticides. We take this bright coppery base and have it naturally flavoured with oils - no nasty crystals or artificial flavouring. It should be noted that natural flavours tend to be somewhat ‘soft ‘ and the flavors slightly muted, but for many this is a refreshing change and one of the desired attributes of our naturally flavoured teas.

Bring fresh, filtered (if possible) water to the boil. Steep this divine blend for 3-7 minutes. Do yourself a favour and try it "straight up" first. Add sugar, milk, honey or lemon to taste as required. As this is a black tea, be careful not to oversteep as this will affect the taste.

Madagascar Moment

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  • Black tea, Calendula + Sunflower petals, Natural flavors(organic compliant)