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In 1909 Theodore Roosevelt headed out with his son (and an alarmingly large entourage) on an African Safari. They stopped at the Nandi Hills. Lush surroundings and a local dairy industry coin this area as "the land of milk and honey". The first tea bushes were planted here in the 1950s and they quickly began winning awards and producing some of the finest tea in Kenya. On the nose the infusion is light, fresh and almost winey. The cup is likewise exceptionally fresh and laden with floral-like notes. Brew a pot and imagine yourself relaxing on the verandah of a hill station - feasting your eyes on the colour that is the Nandi Hills.  A stunning White Tea. The exotic perfume tea flavour that makes Kenyan teas famous everywhere.

Kenya Nandi White

  • Stunning white tea. The exotic perfumy tea flavour that makes Kenyan teas famous are everywhere! Naturally dried white tea for naturally exquisite flavour and goodness.

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