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Get down and boogie with this delectable herb and fruit tea that will have you hopping and bopping with the best of them.  Caffeine free, it is a wonderful ‘pick me up’ any time of the morning, noon or night. 


Combining the sweet flavours of fruit and liquorice, the Apple, Hibiscus and Fennel bring vitamins A, C and Beta-carotene which can help to replace electrolytes in the body and ease the symptoms of coughs and colds. Enjoy it hot, cold, or frozen into deliciously sweet icy-poles for the kids in the summer. It is the perfect tea for a Hip Hop dance class or any of the other million moments and activities of life.

Hip Hop Happy Liquorice

  • A beguiling mouth melody for liquorice lovers melded with honey overtones. Fruity finish with liquorice highlights.

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