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Gazing up at an inky night sky punctuated by bursts of light from floating lanterns is bound to make one feel pleasantly contemplative. This state of mind is relaxing and surprisingly productive - our overworked brains "rest" and rejuvenate.

Floating Lanterns Herbal blend is a combination of Chamomile and Lemongrass - it even sounds relaxing!


Our organic Egyptian grown Chamomile produces a sweetish cup with notes of honey and subtle tones of fruit. Many maintain that chamomile aids digestions and may be beneficial as a natural remedy for insomnia. Now we add organic Lemongrass from Thailand which produces a cup that is fresh and herbal with light touches of bitter lemon and even light touches of orange. Together they produce a heavenly organic blend perfect for evening consumption - perhaps while daydreaming about floating lanterns!

Floating Lanterns

  • Light and flavourful lemon character tempered with spring fresh hints of apple and camomile. Very refreshing!

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