Hula Dancing, Long Summer Evenings, Floating Lanterns and Jasmine - just saying these conjures that stunning tropical paradise!  We're teaming these ten beautiful teas and tisanes in 4-cup packs with a Pineapple Infuser and what you have is the perfect treat to put your feet up and create your very own tropical lull.  Presented in our 125g Brackendale Tin. (Gold Christmas Tree not included). Approximately 40 cups of made tea/tisane.

Tropical Teatime 10-Pack Plus

  • Long Summer Evening, Hula Dancing Doll, Tuscany Pear, Hawaiian Colada, Floating Islands, Organic Stormy Night, Organic Provence Rooibos, Jasmine with Flowers, Green Oasis, Raspberry Rocket Fuel, Pineapple Infuser, 125g Brackendale Tin