The ancient South American drink - unique, grassy, oaky, faint coffee taste, Mate (pronounced Mah-teh) was first discovered by the Gaurani - a people that inhabited the region including southern Brazil, Paraguay and north eastern Argentina. The Guaraní have a legend that says the Goddesses of the Moon and the Cloud came to the Earth one day to visit it but they instead found a Yaguareté (a kind of jaguar) that was going to attack them. An old man saved them and, in compensation, the Goddesses gave the old man a new kind of plant, from which he could prepare a "drink of friendship". Massively popular in South America and growing in popularity around the globe, Matè is rich in Mateine and has always been a favourite for its caffeine content, even before the advent of coffee! It is slightly bitter and wild and when infused produces a robust cup with hints of green tea grassiness, oak tobacco and a faint touch of coffee. We're happy to bring you this stunning Organic example of South America's favourite drink.



Organic Mate

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  • True gaucho flavour, full bodied but slightly bitter and wild. Mate is rich in mateine and was used as caffeine in Latin America before the advent of coffee.